Some Home Improvement Tips for Tight Budgets

Use Cloth Covers

Tablecloths and runners can cover a multitude of things in your home. Today’s fashion for clean surfaces and fuss-free counters has made us forget about the beauty of cloth covers. Creatively infuse fabrics into your home decoration to cover scratches, patches, and worn out surfaces. A throw elegantly arranged on a chair looks great.

CLAYGO (CLean As You GO)

A clean home will always look miles better than one that needs a good dusting. Who cares if the carpet is faded and the bathroom tiles are outdated so long as they’re super clean.

Burn Candles

Aside from the “stylishly distressed” look, if you’re living in the city proper, lit candles keep away flies, indoors and outdoors.


A new set of cushions are a steal anytime. Perfect when you want to effect refreshment, comfort, and introduce a new color scheme.

Window Dressings

How are you dressing your windows? Curtains or blinds; dark colors or bright; heavy fabrics or light? New window dressings can bring a whole new character to a room, allowing you to make fresh decisions about the type of feel and lighting you want.


Make the best of what you’ve already got. See if the TV or other fixtures, furniture, or bookcases would look better on the opposite wall or moved to another room.


If an item or element of your home doesn’t fit with the look you’re trying to achieve, it’s definitely worth investigating how much it costs for an upgrade. You won’t know if you can afford it until you’ve done the research. If you still don’t think it can be done, think about how you can creatively work around the cost. If you hate your doors and flooring, for example, try replacing just one or the other. New doors might look great with the existing floor, or you could opt for new flooring and paint your doors to complement.

Investigate the Alternatives

Can’t afford real wood? Have a look at some upmarket laminate or veneer. Lusting after those designer tiles? I’m sure they’d look just as good in two rows instead of three. Keep your mind open to cheaper options and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


If you’ve always coveted your sister’s dining room dresser, and you know she doesn’t want it anymore, why not broker a swap? You never know, she might be grateful to get rid of it. Bonus Tip: It is never too late to de-clutter. It will take bags off of your home’s shelf life.