Getting Rid of Those Pesky Ants from Your Home

Don’t you hate it when you’re eating and suddenly several ants attempt to crawl on your plate. Or you pick up the garbage can and it’s full of crawling critters feeding on your trash. How worse can it get? You’re watching TV and suddenly a cockroach runs past. Shades of eew and yuck. Check out these expert tips for ridding your house of ants and other insects.

Spray vinegar and water on trails

Disrupt the ant trail so more ants won’t follow going inside the house. Mix vinegar and water, then spray it where you’ve seen ants to cover the ant scent.

Bait ants with sweets

Ants and other insects just love sweets. Try out brown sugar, peanut butter, honey, and other sweets to bait ants and other insects to congregate. You can then use insect poison or insect spray to kill them off.

Set out insect and ant traps.

Make it easy for ants to reach poison. Place liquid ant bait stations in areas where you’ve seen ants, like under the sink and along walls, to make it as easy as possible for the ants to take the toxic bait back to the nest.

Locate nests in water damaged areas

Spray nests with indoor insecticide. Look for water-damaged areas in the house and places where water has recently leaked to find the ant nest. Spray the nest with an indoor insecticide.

Spray indoor insect poison along entry points and common routes

Spray an indoor insect killer in places where ants can enter, including windows and doors, holes in exterior walls and cracks in the foundation.

Spray outdoor poison below lap siding

Spray outdoor insecticide on the foundation walls, and on and under the first course of lap siding to keep ants from entering the house.

Locate nests in nook and crannies

Check grout lines and cracks. Look for ant nests or tunnels in the foundation or siding. Spray the area with an insecticide to kill the ants.

Apply insecticide to lawn and shrubs

Spray a lawn and garden insect killer on the grass within one day of mowing. Also spray on trees and shrubs. Don’t spray on a windy day to prevent drift.

Be careful with fire ants.

Fire ants are dangerous and require special bait. Apply fire ant bait using a broadcast spreader. Fill the spreader over the driveway or a tarp to catch the granules that fall through the spreader.

Eliminate entry bridges

Trim back trees, shrubs, and plants so they’re at least 6 inches from the house, roof and deck. This eliminates bridges for ants to reach your home.