Do It Yourself Power Washing a Deck in the Proper Way

Power washing a deck can be a daunting task even for professionals. Doing it incorrectly can lead to extensive damage to both wood and composite decking. However, as a do it yourself job, it’s not beyond reach even for DIY amateurs or novices. Be focused on the main reason why you need to power wash your deck safely. This is to wash away dirt, grime, and debris. You just need to know how to do it the right and safe way.

Watch Out and Always Be Prepared

When operating a power washer, it’s important to wear heavy duty work boots and eye protection. Wear foul weather gear if you have it because you are dealing with a dangerously strong stream of water.

Rent a Pressure Washer

If you don’t already have a power washer, visit your local hardware store and rent one. Alternatively, check with your neighbors to see if anyone can loan one to you. You can also check with relatives or close friends to see if you can borrow one, saving you the rental fee.

Move Everything and Dry Clean Your Deck

Move everything off the deck. Pressure washing damages outdoor furniture and grills. Sweep your deck with a broom to remove dust, debris, small tree branches, and leaves.

Wash the Railings First

Connect the pressure washer to your hose. The proper pressure setting to use on your deck is 1200 pounds per square inch. Never set the pressure to 1500 or more because this will cause damage to your decking. Begin on the outside of your deck and pressure wash the deck railings and the exterior of the deck in a smooth and vertical movement.

Now Wash the Deck Floor

Move onto the deck, and in a long, smooth, sweeping motion begin pressure washing the deck floor. You have the option to go over dirtier sections of the deck again to get them clean.

Letting the Deck Dry

Let your deck dry for a minimum of 24 hours. You are able to see areas that you missed more easily when the deck is dry.

If Needed Go Back and Touch Up

Look over your deck and take note of areas you missed. Take the pressure washer back out and pressure wash those areas. Let dry again for 24 hours.

The key to power washing a deck is to not use the highest pressure possible. Instead, use the pressure that cleans the deck without damaging it.