DIY Home Improvement: The Guide to Natural Pest Control

Living in the city can have its perks especially if you work in the city. However, the city also comes with its share of pests. Mice, roaches, bed bugs, and other dreaded pests are not just limited to the countryside. While we can pay a pest exterminator hundreds of dollars to douse dangerous poisons in your house, there are actually natural and non-toxic as well as economically priced solutions found in the house.

Rats and Mice Hate Peppermint

You thought peppermint is only an ingredient in herbal teas, breath-freshening gums, and toothpaste? Rats and mice find it unbearable and will quickly scurry for the hills.

What You Need and What to Do:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Fill your spray bottle with 1?4 cup of water and 40 drops of peppermint oil. Shake.
  • Spray liberally along baseboards and rear interior edges of kitchen cabinets, particularly beneath the sink.
  • Locate entry points and fill each with a cotton ball soaked in the oil.
  • For safety, wear thick gloves.

Cockroaches Hate Spice

Cockroaches hate spicy Tabasco sauce. So if you own a restaurant, every table holds the answer to roach problems in the kitchen.

What You Need and What to Do:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Protective Eye Wear
  • Combine five tablespoons of Tabasco and a 1/4 cup of water in your spray bottle. (Tabasco may need further dilution to flow through the nozzle of a small spray bottle.)
  • Judiciously spray along baseboards, beneath radiators, and near doors. Don’t spray willy-nilly; its scent is undesirable for living quarters.
  • For safety, protective eyewear is important.

Bedbugs and Broken Glass

Bedbugs are notorious for being extremely difficulty to eradicate. They’re impervious to most insecticides. Effectively removing them takes a somewhat aggressive approach. Enter diatomaceous earth. When bedbugs crawl across this gritty powder made from the fossilized skeletal remains of ancient marine life, their bodies are sliced open and drained of vital fluids.

What You Need and What to Do:

  • Diatomaceous Earth (get food-grade variety, which is free of stabilizers and chemicals)
  • Spoon
  • Powder Brush
  • Protective Eye Wear
  • Respirator Mask (a disposable one is sufficient)
  • Spoon out a thin layer of diatomaceous earth at the base of your bed, along baseboards, in the crevices between floorboards, and at the interior edges of bookshelves and cabinet drawers.
  • Use your powder brush to spread the layer even thinner. This step is crucial. If the layer is too heavy, these crafty fiends will venture around it.
  • Patience. It may take up to a week to kill off the bedbugs.
  • For safety, accidental eye exposure or inhalation may cause irritation, so wear protective eyewear and a respirator mask.

Other Useful Advice

  • To prevent pests from the outside or other apartments entry to your home, patch up entry points with expanding foam sealant.
  • Roaches and mice also thrive in filthy environments so keep your home environment clean.