Avoid the Following Five Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

We often like to do “DIY” projects most especially with the bathroom. However, when we make renovation mistakes in the most important room in the house, these can cost a lot when repairs are needed to undo what you did.

Don’t Lose Focus When You’re Almost Finished

Some people are excited when they start a renovation and seem to lose steam before they finish. And because they’re suddenly excited to see the end product they start to rush things. What happens is that the overall finish is either wrong or not as clean as expected. Always start and be consistently steady on any project and slow down towards the end to make sure everything is being done correctly. Remember the clichéd saying, “patience is a virtue.”

Ignoring Minor Mistakes

Mistakes may be inevitable but never overlook them. Always fix them, no matter how small. Don’t settle for anything less or that mistake may become bigger and damage your renovation.

Be Realistic with Your Budget

It’s completely unrealistic to work on a $2,000 budget when you have only $1,000. What will happen is that you will be forced to cut corners and the project will either end up unfinished or the end result will be less than satisfactory. If you don’t have the budget, don’t start any renovations. Make sure you have the right amount of money to start and finish any bathroom renovation.

You Don’t Have a Plan So You Just Make Do

You demolish something in your bathroom and you don’t have a clear plan? You think you can figure things out as you go along? A bathroom renovation isn’t like repairing the roof or repairing the garage door. You need a clear cut plan before you do anything, most notably before doing any demolition. You need to plan out and write down everything before you even start, from the budget, materials, and doing the actual work. A well laid out plan means a well finished renovation job.

Don’t Ignore the Bathroom Fan

Overlooking the bathroom fan will have huge consequences. Some people either don’t install a fan or if one is already installed, they don’t clean it regularly. Without proper ventilation humidity builds up on bathroom surfaces and as time goes by this moisture will damage paint, deteriorate tiles, cause metals to rust, and cause mildew to form. If your bathroom needs a fan, install one now. If one is already there, clean it at least once every two weeks.