Adding a Screened Porch as Part of Better Home Improvement

Today, outdoor screened porches are part of many household décor. These porches are available in various design and style. The accessories and furnishings in the porch should be arranged in such manner so that they do not obstruct the path. While people can construct home additions on their own, DIY style, it is always advisable to hire professionals for such type of work. Plenty of construction contractors are available online today. One can easily find out which company in the locality offers the best price for such décor purposes.

Some important points need to be maintained before one indulges in building a screened porch:

Budget Considerations

Always consider the budget. It may occur to one that the work will involve less money if no professional is hired. But the truth is that more expenses are incurred when one takes personal DIY initiative. It is best to refer to a professional for getting the best out of the investment.

Practical Decisions

One must also look in the architecture of the home and the surroundings prior to designing a screened porch. It is very important that a space that is visually appealing remains durable and functional.

Hiring a Professional

One must not try to work it out on their own. Only a professional can give the desired look to the screened porch. In an attempt to save money, one may end up losing more.

Essentials for Screened Porches:

Use of Doors

One must consider where to put the door and what door type should be used. The point to be noted while choosing the door placement is that the traffic should not be obstructed while moving to and fro through the screened porch. Aluminum doors are best.

Screening Aspects

One must try to use fiberglass screens instead of aluminum as the latter tend to crease easily and is difficult to replace.


It must be remembered that screens prevent light from entering the rooms adjacent to it. Therefore, planning the location of the porch must be made carefully. One can also use recessed lighting attached to ceiling fans or sky light for powerful lighting.


One must consider buying furnishings depending on the size and style of the porch. Too big furniture can be hindrance to the traffic and suit only larger spaces.

The design and style chosen for screened porches must match the themes of the home interior. However, one must not accessorize the porch too much as it will consume too much space, hindering the walking path.