A Bit of History and Other Facts about Garage Doors

Generally, a garage door is a large door for the garage that can be opened either manually or automatically using a garage door opener. Their large size is necessary to allow any type of vehicle to enter or exit the garage and pathway.  In history, the first garage doors date back to around 450 B.C. when chariots had to be stored in gatehouses so as to keep them dry or away from the heat of the sun.

However, it was not until around 1902 that the first real garage doors were created in the USA by an American manufacturer, Cornell Iron Works. From a “float over door,” the upward-lifting garage door made an appearance in 1906. Before this, garage doors were like wooden double barn doors on hinges. The first one-piece wood door was created in 1935. Leno Martin is credited with inventing the first one-piece overhead type garage door in 1936.

General Types of Garage Doors

Single Panel – constructed using one single monolithic panel. From the closed position, the single panel door must slide up and overhead on rails to the fully open position. Most single panel doors are manually opened. This type of door is the most oft-repaired handled by professional overhead garage door repair services.

Sectional – constructed of six to eight panels to slide up and overhead. A vehicle may park close to the door before opening; each panel section has its own connection to the door track. Single and sectional garage doors are mostly made out of steel, aluminum, wood, copper, glass, and polyethylene vinyl. Insulated garage doors are becoming popular by putting foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation in between panels and sectional garage doors.

Rollers – constructed mainly of corrugated steel. These doors have preloaded springs inside the rolling mechanism. Both residential or commercial roll up and roll down doors can be raised or lowered using a manual pulley and chain system or a geared motor.

Maintenance and Garage Door Service

The balance of the door should be checked at least once a month. Garage doors should be raised and lowered without any resistance and should smoothly roll along the tracks and should remain stationary if stopped at any point of travel. If a door is out of balance, it should be adjusted. Calling a professional garage door remote repair service or company will most likely take care of this issue.