Getting Rid of Those Pesky Ants from Your Home

Don’t you hate it when you’re eating and suddenly several ants attempt to crawl on your plate. Or you pick up the garbage can and it’s full of crawling critters feeding on your trash. How worse can it get? You’re watching TV and suddenly a cockroach runs past. Shades of eew and yuck. Check out these expert tips for ridding your house of ants and other insects.

Spray vinegar and water on trails

Disrupt the ant trail so more ants won’t follow going inside the house. Mix vinegar and water, then spray it where you’ve seen ants to cover the ant scent.

Bait ants with sweets

Ants and other insects just love sweets. Try out brown sugar, peanut butter, honey, and other sweets to bait ants and other insects to congregate. You can then use insect poison or insect spray to kill them off.

Set out insect and ant traps.

Make it easy for ants to reach poison. Place liquid ant bait stations in areas where you’ve seen ants, like under the sink and along walls, to make it as easy as possible for the ants to take the toxic bait back to the nest.

Locate nests in water damaged areas

Spray nests with indoor insecticide. Look for water-damaged areas in the house and places where water has recently leaked to find the ant nest. Spray the nest with an indoor insecticide.

Spray indoor insect poison along entry points and common routes

Spray an indoor insect killer in places where ants can enter, including windows and doors, holes in exterior walls and cracks in the foundation.

Spray outdoor poison below lap siding

Spray outdoor insecticide on the foundation walls, and on and under the first course of lap siding to keep ants from entering the house.

Locate nests in nook and crannies

Check grout lines and cracks. Look for ant nests or tunnels in the foundation or siding. Spray the area with an insecticide to kill the ants.

Apply insecticide to lawn and shrubs

Spray a lawn and garden insect killer on the grass within one day of mowing. Also spray on trees and shrubs. Don’t spray on a windy day to prevent drift.

Be careful with fire ants.

Fire ants are dangerous and require special bait. Apply fire ant bait using a broadcast spreader. Fill the spreader over the driveway or a tarp to catch the granules that fall through the spreader.

Eliminate entry bridges

Trim back trees, shrubs, and plants so they’re at least 6 inches from the house, roof and deck. This eliminates bridges for ants to reach your home.

Better Home Improvement for the Bedroom

Bedrooms are meant to be a haven from the chaos of life. It would lose its essential purpose if this mini haven was in itself a place of doing other things aside from rest and relaxation. Here are a few tips to create a good experience within one’s own room.

Give justice to the bedroom

Using the bedroom as an office does no good if you are seeking rest in it. It will only remind you of more work and thus, undermine the true value of it. When you do decide to sleep, you will have difficulty sleeping because you’re still thinking of work with all the work paraphernalia around you.

Adjust lighting

The lighting in a room is of vital importance to people’s moods. Apt lighting will be required based on your needs. For reading, you’d need bright lighting and for relaxing, soft lighting would do. The spatial arrangements could be made accordingly to meet appropriate needs. Track lighting will be a good option for comfortably controlling its directions. Bedside lamps and recessed ceiling lights can be used for providing a subtle light while sleeping.

Choose a theme

A prerequisite to renovating a bedroom is to select a suitable theme and to color coordinate it. In order to enhance its appropriate feel, you’d need to make sure that the accessories in the room do not contradict each other so that the bedroom expresses a harmonious touch to it.

Matching linens and beds

Linens and beds need to be picked primarily based on their comfort levels. The styles are given secondary priority. You could use your own artistic abilities to choose matching linens, pillows and blankets.

Displaying artwork and collections

Exhibiting your favorite art work in your bedroom, be it paintings, kid’s drawings, sculptures or silk rugs, a great idea is to use your wall space wisely depending on your preferred look. If you’d like a less crowded look, then you could neatly organize a few favorites. If your choice is abstract, then you could experiment with different pieces of artwork. Avoid framing your favorite pieces if your budget is limited and consider more cost-effective possibilities.

Your array of medals, trophies, photos, statues, books and records, could be placed on shelves attached to the wall such that it stands out for public view. This will also help in organizing your collections.

Adding a Screened Porch as Part of Better Home Improvement

Today, outdoor screened porches are part of many household décor. These porches are available in various design and style. The accessories and furnishings in the porch should be arranged in such manner so that they do not obstruct the path. While people can construct home additions on their own, DIY style, it is always advisable to hire professionals for such type of work. Plenty of construction contractors are available online today. One can easily find out which company in the locality offers the best price for such décor purposes.

Some important points need to be maintained before one indulges in building a screened porch:

Budget Considerations

Always consider the budget. It may occur to one that the work will involve less money if no professional is hired. But the truth is that more expenses are incurred when one takes personal DIY initiative. It is best to refer to a professional for getting the best out of the investment.

Practical Decisions

One must also look in the architecture of the home and the surroundings prior to designing a screened porch. It is very important that a space that is visually appealing remains durable and functional.

Hiring a Professional

One must not try to work it out on their own. Only a professional can give the desired look to the screened porch. In an attempt to save money, one may end up losing more.

Essentials for Screened Porches:

Use of Doors

One must consider where to put the door and what door type should be used. The point to be noted while choosing the door placement is that the traffic should not be obstructed while moving to and fro through the screened porch. Aluminum doors are best.

Screening Aspects

One must try to use fiberglass screens instead of aluminum as the latter tend to crease easily and is difficult to replace.


It must be remembered that screens prevent light from entering the rooms adjacent to it. Therefore, planning the location of the porch must be made carefully. One can also use recessed lighting attached to ceiling fans or sky light for powerful lighting.


One must consider buying furnishings depending on the size and style of the porch. Too big furniture can be hindrance to the traffic and suit only larger spaces.

The design and style chosen for screened porches must match the themes of the home interior. However, one must not accessorize the porch too much as it will consume too much space, hindering the walking path.